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Aluminium Security products

A safe home is a happy home.

Why choose an Aluminium Security Barrier?

Statistics show that 80% of all house break ins occur where no or insufficient security is in place. Protect your home and loved ones with our high strength and excellent corrosive resistant retractable, hinged and fixed security barriers. It is a stylish solution for protecting any window and door in both residential and commercial environments. Each product is purpose made to ensure a perfect fit. It also goes through stringent quality checks before being dispatched. Not only does our aluminium system offer excellent physical security, it is also a visible deterrent to would be intruders. Our barriers are manufactured from high tensile strength aluminium, used in the aerospace, marine and automotive industries.

Product Features


Wheelchair friendly bottom track


High tensile strength aluminium


Side & centre locking

Anti-lift pin

Concealed top & bottom parts


We do not use plastic parts on the bottom track

Standard Colours


Not actual colours

The bottom track is designed to avoid damage to the track, the solid aluminium bottom guides cannot be cut, melted or damaged in any other manner by intruders. The top & bottom guides are key to the easy open & close action of the door. The sections are neatly stacked to the side while in the open position. Besides from its unique security features, the bottom track's curved profile is designed for easy navigation whether you are pushing a cart or plain walking. 




Product Options

Aluminium trellis
Aluminium trellis

Place of business trellis door
Place of business trellis door

Western Aluminium alloy trellis


slam lock gate

Aluminium trellis
Aluminium trellis


Al Secure 100 – Retractable Security Gate with slam lock


This Security Product, is our standard, strong and reliable security gate option. It is the gate of choice for home, domestic and commercial applications. The Al Secure 100 Security gate offers a safe environment for your loved ones. It is fitted with a stainless steel slam lock with anti-lift pin. Strong single flites on each upright, tamper proof solid bottom bolts slides into a wheelchair friendly bottom track and concealed rollers in the top track, will leave you with a secure feeling. We fabricate to any custom size. This is also a perfect choice as sliding option in front of your bedroom and living room windows. This option does not block your view during day time.

Match your aluminium windows
Match your aluminium windows

Window security
Window security

fixed trellis
fixed trellis

Fixed trellis for windows

Match your aluminium windows
Match your aluminium windows


Al Secure fixed security window barrier


Our Al Secure fixed barriers, manufactured from the same high tensile aluminium as used in our security gates, are not just a deterrent, they are fitted for total security & peace of mind. These barriers are fastened with bolts into the same brick work or plaster opening that your window is fitted into. An option of vertical or horizontal bars, with or without flites (crosses) makes this product very versatile, extremely strong and in most cases, aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



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